Triune Scores: Suspense Pack Vol.1

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Triune Scores: Suspense Pack Vol 1 comes with 8 royalty free suspense themes, each with 3 extended "scene" tracks for a total of 32 individual tracks!

All instrument layers are also broken out from each track for maximum customization!

  • 100% Royalty free

  • All layers broken out for true customization



    1. 3 Rules
    2. At Most Fear 
    3. Crime Myself To Sleep
    4. Fatal Subtraction
    5. Jiles
    6. Kentucky Fried Wiccan
    7. Tommy Lee Tones
    8. Wreckreation


  • 3 Rules Scenes:
    1. Don't Think About The Box 
    2. Don't Talk About The Box
    3. Don't Open The Box
  • At Most Fear Scenes:
    1. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head 
    2. Space Walk O'Clock
    3. T Minus
  • Crime Myself To Sleep Scenes:
    1. Loot By The Foot
    2. Mourning Routine
    3. Sleep Walking Phoenix
  • Fatal Subtraction Scenes:
    1. A Dark Secret-ary 
    2. Murder, He Wrote 
    3. Put A Ring On It
  • Jiles Scenes:
    1. Preylude 
    2. The Dog, In The Study, With His Teeth
    3.  Wolf You Rather
  • Kentucky Fried Wiccan Scenes:
    1. Search Party In The USA 
    2. Swamp Romp Stomp
    3. The Grass is Always Meaner 
  • Tommy Lee Tones Scenes
    1. Clear and Present Dancers
    2. Fugitivity
    3. The Sum of All Beers
  • Wreckreation
      1. Cliff Jump or Die
        1. Drive or Die
          1. Get Killed or Die

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