Triune Digital: PYRO Bundle

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This Bundle Includes

  • Fire Assets comes with:
    • Drag and drop assets
    • .MOV files
    • 1080p equivalent
    • 30 unique fire assets with 45 files in total
    • Most assets left ungraded so that you can color it to best fit your scene.
    • Ignition and looping versions for several fires
    • Added Nuke cloud gift thrown in
  • Explosion Assets comes with:
    53 drag and drop explosion assets for your next project!

    • Pre-Keyed drag and drop assets
    • All files are QuickTime Animation
    • 1080p equivalent
    • 12 unique explosions with 48 in total
    • Each explosion comes with 4 light angle choices
    • 5 debris assets to further your composite 



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